Larchmont Sanctuary Spa Review


My first proper massage was given to me by my husband when we were first dating, at 21 years old. Since then I have had a total of maybe 5-6 proper massages, until just  about 3 weeks ago I had never had a proper spa day, and as cliche as it is going to sound…it changed my life. Thank you so much to everyone at Larchmont Sanctuary Spa

Upon entering the spa, I was warmly greeted by the Front-Desk girl, who showed me to the locker room. It was a cozy room painted a calming blue color with showers and sinks, with a locker area to keep your personal belongings. There were complimentary slippers and robes to use and of course calming music playing. Since it was my first time having a proper spa package/day I questioned whether it was necessary to be fully clothed or keep undergarments on,  I felt embarrassed to ask, but the front desk girl was very chill about my question and told me that either or work. The robes were too cozy not to experience the full feel 😉

I got to experience the “me-time” spa package, which started off with a copper bath.

The copper bath was in an isolated room, the tub was large enough to fit about 4 people, comfortably. The tub was surrounded by candles, jade stones, and mirrors. The water was warm and filled with essential oils, flower petals, as pulsating jets kept the water going. There was also complimentary champagne in the room– mama needed that. The bath was so relaxing. It felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Come to find out, copper tubs are said to have amazing benefits like body healing, skin health, and melanin production.

After the bath, I took some time to immerse myself in the zen vibes of the waiting room  before my jade stone massage. A couple moments later I was ushered into the massage room where I spent about an hour and a half getting a full body massage. I work 2 jobs, one of which is more physically laborious than the other…to say that I needed the massage was an understatement. I felt every tight muscle separate, parts of my shoulder and back that I didn’t even know were as stiff as they were, were handled with the most amazing care. With the lavender essential oils and hot jade stones massing my body, it added to the repairing of my body and mind.


Before the last event on the schedule, I was able to experience the sauna, which was tucked away in the back area of the spa. Luckily, no one else was in the sauna, so I was able to enjoy the room alone. I mediated while in there and found more calm. Soon enough I was called in for my facial.

IMG_4887I received the rejuvenation facial. Yumie was an absolute gem, she assessed my skin and we talked about problem areas and possible fixes to my skincare routine. I was highly impressed. The facial came with extractions and injection of vitamins. It lasted about an hour and a half and my skin felt so refreshed. Video can be found on my Instagram.

The hardest part about the spa package experience was having to leave. I could’ve lived there forever. The front desk girls also gave me a gift bag with a personal note from the Spa Director, Bevin. It added the perfect personal touch to the entire experience. I think the most important thing to draw from spas and massages is investing the wellness experience into a place that is as personable as The Larchmont Sanctuary Spa.



This post was made in collaboration with Larchmont Sanctuary Spa.