4 Resolutions For Your Personal Brand


It’s New Year’s Eve…which means it’s time to roll out some resolutions. I’ll be completely honest here, I suck at keeping (sometimes even making) resolutions. With a growing business and big plans underway for the family, I am sharing 7 New Years Resolutions to boost your brand.

4. Schedule and Stick to It
Outside of work for my clients, this is one I have such a difficult time with for our own brands. It’s clearly given that I have a lot going on. There are so many tools out there to help “schedule”, but I think really mentally reminding myself that keeping up with content, posts, editing, or whatever it might be is what makes or breaks my success. I usually say “oh it’s not that important to post, who cares” (again for my own accounts) only to end up 2 weeks later with nothing. Scheduling out creating and when to share is going to be a big one for me in 2019.

3. Quality Matters – Content is King
My husband is my biggest supporter. I can’t express how many times I’ve hindered my own success (again with my own brand endeavors) because we weren’t using the best tech gear like the other creators. He constantly reminds me that it’s that story of what I’m sharing that matters, not how much the camera I used cost for a video or photo. I stopped doing vlogs because all I have is a GoPro Hero 5 and a GH4, but all the YouTubers use a cannon g7x.

2. Purpose/Intent- Not just money and “fame”.
Sometimes, I get so caught up with what’s on my feed and trying to keep up that I forget that it’s not just about beating someone with a larger following and it’s not about making more either. My intent for creating and sharing experiences is purely to let me exercise my entrepreneurial and creative aspirations. To give me the platform to work with and for the oceans. Of course, we need money to survive, but that can’t be the only motivation to do things. This is one people should really listen to. I hear so many times the phrase “my kids should/will want for nothing” and I personally believe that mentality is what holds us back as a society. While the premise of that saying is to make sure we’re financially and mentally prepared for children, it also states that the material checklist is what makes us “successful”. Let’s feed each other experiences not material things.