6 Underrated Shows to Watch on Netflix and Hulu

With a husband that works in film, it’s only right that I have become a film and TV junkie. Before meeting him, my appreciation of film and TV was viewed in a different light than it is now. Now I truly study the acting, comprehend the writing and execution, down to appreciating the production design of a show or movie when watching. I have seen many shows over the year, some I never sought to continue cause they were cringe-worthy and not in a “can’t look away” way. I’ve put together 6 underrated shows (IMO) that I’d like my followers, readers, etc. to give a try while still on the holiday break.

6. Lost in Space

Lost in Space follows the lives of a multi-racial family, The Robinson’s,  and their life living in space and on another planet. The Robinson’s go through multiple events with their (or a loved one’s) lives at stake. It kind of reminds of Lost,  but with robot-aliens and families. I highly recommend this show for families with kids (probably over the age of 7 — but there is use of adult language), though those without kids can enjoy it all the same. We watched each episode together with our son. What we love about this show, is what we love about Bob’s Burger’s, and that’s the importance of family. The Robinson’s are a true representation of going through whatever it takes to keep the family together and safe.
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5. Superstore

I’m actually shocked that more people don’t already watch the comedic genius that is Superstore, this show stars America Ferrara and features a diverse cast tackling everyday issues of the blue collar workers. If you’ve ever worked retail or a minimum wage job, you’ll find this show highly relatable. What I love most about this show is how progressive it is, ( yes, if you didn’t get that by now I am a progressive) this current seasons tackles issues in a lighthearted way that doesn’t dissuade audiences from continuing to watch. There was even a hilarious gun episode in the earlier seasons. I truly hope “the other side” watches with an open mind. It’s one of those shows that can unify us, through comedic relief. It’s woke af. Also, as a Filipino, there is representation for Filipino-American’s in this show, with a real story line and even some bits of Tagalog which we rarely ever see on American television.
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4. You

This one is on Netflix now, so there’s no excuse not to watch. I had to use the badass Gif of Shay Mitchell with a glock for this one. You is truly an underrated show, and the only reason it’s not in my top 3 is because it’s a thriller and not everyone loves thrillers. This show also stars Gossip Girl alum, Penn Badgley, who plays an obsessive boyfriend type. I think what makes this show is the narration, paired with the talented acting, you truly feel immersed in a story,  which is great because the two main characters are literary lovers. This show truly takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and moments of yelling and side-eyeing at the TV. Go add this one to your list, and binge the series today!
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3. The Good Place

This is another show that I’m shocked more people aren’t watching or talking about. Starring mommy favorite, Kristen Bell (though she’s not a mom or anything close in this show). The show follows the lives of Eleanor (Kristen Bell), Chidi (William Jackson Harper), Tahani (Jamila Al-Jamil, who’s been a buzz lately), and Jason (Manny Jancito) in the after life. I believe the show is in it’s 4th season, and just when you think the show’s story is going to have it’s drop-off point they stun you with creative plot lines to keep you engaged and interested. This show was one my husband and I were unsure of watching with our son. I had already watched the first 3 seasons and my son was begging to watch. We decided to re-watch the episodes with him and it turned out okay. Adult language is mostly omitted too. I feel this show opened up conversation about the different kinds of religion and beliefs out there with our son. We’re agnostic but support our kids in any belief system or religion, should they choose to adopt one (as long as it doesn’t hurt other people or the environment). Also, another show that features a Filipino character…I promise this isn’t on purpose. I believe there are only 3 shows on Network TV that feature a prominent Filipino- American (please feel free to correct me, Superstore, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, and The Good Place.)
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2. The Orville

Oh my another space show.  This show is about the lives of a series of crew members from different species aboard the ship, The Orville, created by comedy legend Seth McFarland. This is one we’ve recently gotten into and one we watch as a family. Our kid is a lot more mature than most, so I don’t think most kids would be able to watch this show. The writers of this show are brilliant to say the least. They touch on what we in the sustainability world call “wicked problems”, which is laments terms means there are issues in the world, that don’t have a “stop all” solution. There are also conceptual plot lines that mirror the “deepness” of shows like Rick and Morty, that make you go “wait a minute, that was really deep…” after you’ve just laughed your ass off. The new season starts on the 30th, so I definitely recommend catching up soon!
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1. The Bold Type

I’m actually so mad that this show isn’t more popular. Especially among my followers and readers, which according to insights, is mostly made up of female millennials (ages 22-34). This show follows the budding careers of journalist, Jane. Powerhouse, Kat, and aspiring artist (of sorts), Sutton. They touch on issues like the Muslim ban, me too, white privilege, and so much more. It’s astounding to me that more of my own friends don’t watch this show considering they touch on the topics of conversations that we talk about on a daily basis. My favorite story this past season was Kat, owning her blackness after being raised by ‘colorblind’ parents or the whole menstrual cup episode and the hypocrisies in the world with trying to do good but not taking into account other factors that won’t fare well in the situation. This show is beyond brilliant. It’s real, it’s raw, and it deserves so much more recognition. I’ll probably post a couple full articles on this show because I believe it deserves to be more popular than it currently is.
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