Are Six Flags Memberships Worth it?


Short answer: Yes and No.

We’re diamond members of Six Flags Magic Mountain (though the memberships are valid for all locations) We upgraded our season passes to diamond memberships after a May visit.

The perks to our pass are that you get free admission to both Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor. Yes, you can visit both in one day. 35% on almost everything in the park. Truth be told I still haven’t found what doesn’t qualify for the discount. You get flash passes every visit, for ONE ride. Free drink refills, Bring-a-Friend-Free days, and consistent 35% discounts for tickets for friends. Oh and Free Preferred Parking and Diamond Member Waterpark access– with reservation.

Sounds great right? But what is up with the reservations?

Well, they sell these memberships like gym memberships. There are more passes to go around than there is actual capacity for these “perks”Reservations have to be made in order to accommodate the free parking and Diamond Member Waterpark access by 5am the day of. Peak days like Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday holidays should be reserved 3 days in advance.

Our last visit to the park, which fell on a Friday, I didn’t get on a single ride. The lines were way too long and just not worth it to us. Membership wasn’t very useful. My husband did wait in line with Bri, our oldest, for one waterslide. It was crowded in the tide pool. Actually, everywhere was crowded. It could’ve been worse by my patience is very thin with crowds. Thus making the trip not worth it.

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind crowds and waiting in line for 20mins to 1 hour for a ride that lasts less than 1-minute, then good for you.

I think the memberships work if you plan to go frequently. We’ve been 6 times in the last 3-4 months. It’s also great if you can do weekdays, to avoid the weekend crowds and long wait times. We pay roughly $15.00/month per person or $45/month for all 3 of us. Tickets cost anywhere from $59.99-$89.99 for a one-time visit. So we’ve already gotten our money’s worth and more with the 6 visits thus far.

The membership is something that’s been rolled out recently and can use a lot of tweaking, and I know they will. Same with the park itself, upgrades can definitely be done. So yes and no it’s worth it.


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